Omar Garza

My art is the way I have been able to express my deep connection and affection to the neglected, old and worn things in the world around me, and I strive to mimic the texture and complexity of these.

My search for creative expression started out in my native South Texas by studying life and my surroundings. I endeavored to translate these things by experimenting with different mediums. My love and interest in art led me to study Graphic Design and Illustration at the Art Institute of Houston, and after that I spent many years refining my skill, always being able to work in a field that allowed me to be creative. And although I have had no formal training in fine art, I have spent much time studying the techniques of old, as well as modern day masters.

I work using a traditional method, painting on a panel coated with layers of gesso, followed by a detailed drawing. It is after this that I bring the piece to life as I apply the oils. I truly enjoy the process and the technical aspect of what I do, and enjoy learning something new in regards to a particular technique or medium with every piece I create. As a result I feel a sense of discovery.

Graphic Design