Patti Gordon

Patti Gordon was raised in Billings, Montana; the daughter of a dry-land wheat farmer. Patti’s days on her family’s farm/ranch have been the catalyst for her love of natural landscapes. As a young girl, she would ride her horse across the wheat strips, taking note of how light and color, could change the mood of the landscape.

Patti began painting as a young teenager, developing her skills through college classes, workshops, and tutoring from other skilled artists. She attended Montana State University and graduated from California State University of Los Angeles with a B.A. in English, but her first love was always art. She also traveled extensively throughout Europe with her husband Mike, while they were in the Air Force, thus allowing her to paint many beautiful landscapes. Patti strives to create scenes that beckon the viewer to visually wander through, and feel a similar sense of calm, joy, or familiarity. Patti is an award-winning artist whose paintings are in many private collections.