Niki Gulley

Niki Gulley’s passion for painting began in grade school when she had to draw something as mundane as shoes for art class, and loved every minute of it. Seeing a spark of enthusiasm, her parents signed her up for private art lessons and she has been hooked ever since. Following her childhood in Glenview, Illinois, Niki relocated to Dallas to pursue an art major at Southern Methodist University. Since she disliked the long, chilly Chicago winters, Dallas seemed like the place to stay after completing her degree.

Upon graduating Gulley entered the world of advertising, working as art director for a Dallas magazine. After a few years passed by, Niki felt like something was missing. So she started painting again during nights, weekends and any time she could find a free moment. This is what she had been missing; this satisfied the void and she began to feel fulfilled again. Ten years later she segued from advertising to live her life’s dream of being a full-time artist.

It only makes sense that someone as passionate about her work would find a kindred artistic spirit to share her life with as they explore the world. Niki met her future husband, Scott Williams, when he started working as a photographer with her at the magazine. Their friendship blossomed into a romance that eventually became a husband and wife painting/photography team that travels the globe in search of beauty and inspiration. Their mutual experience as teachers, coupled with their traveling adventures has led them to conduct painting/photography workshops in both Europe and the United States.

It’s from this search for inspiration that Niki translates onto canvas her emotion for the viewer to share. She seeks to capture the beauty and mysteries of our landscape, utilizing vivid color palettes to convey a particular mood. Gulley invites you to reconnect with nature and escape the day-to-day responsibilities along with her in these creations.