Mike Hinkle

Mike is a wood sculptor specializing in wildfowl. His work ranges from whimsical to life-size realistic carvings and interpretive pieces. He has studied with world renowned carvers Floyd Scholz, Jim Sprankle, Bob Guge, Del Herbert and J. Christopher White.

Hinkle carves almost entirely with power tools – from chainsaws to dentist’s bits. He uses various woods, but prefers tupelo (a light close grained white wood) for realistic carvings and Texas mesquite and juniper for interpretive pieces. Lifelike carvings are envisioned in their entirety from pose, color, and style of base before a single cut in the wood is made. An interpretive work, however, reveals itself as Hinkle cuts and shapes the wood without a clear idea of where a particular piece of wood will finally take him. Interpretive sculptures are finished with hand rubbed oils and wax.

Much of Mike Hinkle’s inspiration comes from working with birds of prey at San Antonio’s Last Chance Forever where he has volunteered for over 15 years. He is a member of the River Art Group in San Antonio. His works are also displayed in Rockport, Texas at Art Gallery Latitude 28 02; Fredericksburg, Texas at The Good Art Company and in Cloudcroft, NM at The Cloudcroft Gallery.