Diane Mazur

Diane Mazur is a visual artist, specializing in paintings, wood constructions, ceramics and installations. She is a colorist, and her artwork is highly Expressionistic. Mazur comes from a figurative background, and since 1978, she has been exploring questions about human perception and psychology in paintings that are designed to be viewed from many directions, thus more abstractly. Each perspective lends associations and narratives unique to each individual viewer, and the potential multiple viewpoints imply content of transformation and simultaneity. She paints her paintings on the floor, working around them, impregnating them with suggestion, and developing them abstractly. She has shown them on the floor, the ceiling and created works that turn, but presently, she prefers to equip them to be hung from any direction to be determined by each venue/viewer.

Mazur’s efforts to stretch the boundaries of 2-D space by offering many paintings simultaneously in one object, relates to quantum theories of simultaneity and time/space issues. Mazur hopes to extend the visual experience for viewers. She strives for a tension between abstraction and narrative, a reconciliation of opposites between the child-like/spontaneous, and the analytical. The viewers’ imaginations and experiences inform their interpretations of the paintings, shaping their impressions of what they are seeing, and proving that “things are not always as we perceive them”. Each of us perceives the world in our own way.

Diane Mazur was 1 of 27 artists in the first Blue Star Show in 1986, and was an active participant in helping, early on, to develop the vibrant local art scene that San Antonio now enjoys. She served on the Blue Star board from 1988-1991 and organized the “Blue Star Loft Project” in 1991, placing local artists’ work in over 60,000 square feet of space under construction for lofts at the Blue Star Complex. She earned her BFA in Drawing from SMU in 1974 and her MFA in Painting from UTSA in 1978. She has maintained a studio/business and exhibited her work extensively throughout the years. Mazur also enjoys teaching, beginning at SAC and the San Antonio Art institute in the 80’s, , and returning to Northwest Vista College in 2005, where she presently teaches today. She is married to photographer, John Dyer, and they have two grown children.