Guy Morrow

Guy Morrow is an artist who has mastered the use of oils, acrylics and egg tempera. He has been painting professionally since 1974. Guy paints a variety of subjects mainly found in his native gulf coast, the Hill Country and Mexico.

Guy has a distinctive and realistic style of painting. Developed through a self-study method that started early in life. Guy spent his energies attending museums, art shows, studying art books and talking with other artists. His inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn, mixed with dedication, adventure and curiosity, allowed him to develop a distinctive style.

Inspired by Rembrandt, Vermeer and other Flemish artists. Morrows early works, considered his “dark period”, were painted in dark oils similar to the old masters.

Morrow studied with renowned artist Dick Turner best known for his revisions of the Old Masters’ style of painting. In this phase of his life, Guy learned that he could make objects look real by capturing and manipulating light and form. At age 19 his work evolved to depict an increase in lightness.

A key medium to depict “light from within” and an ethereal, almost spiritual aspect to his paintings was the use of egg-tempera medium; originally used as a technique by Ancient Egyptians.

Guys paintings depict lifelike scenes of people in natural environments with a striking resemblance to photo realism.

In 2011, Morrow was selected as the first artist to be showcased in the Art Center of Corpus Christi’s “Master Art Series”. The art center only recognizes artists who have made significant impact to the regional art scene.

Guy Morrow has been features in the following magazines, Southwest Art, U.S. Art, Art Business News and Decor. In addition, featured in special showings in Moscow, Russia, Toledo, Spain and 23 museums. He also made the top 100 for “Arts for the Parks”. He is a member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Some 200 dealers have represented Morrow’s paintings and prints throughout coastal America.

Egg Tempera