Mark Persyn

Mark Persyn was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1960.  While in grade school in the 1960s, he created more cartoons in his notebooks than class notes.  On several occasions, his notebooks were stolen for their humous content. In the 1970s, Mark began sketching the animals and interesting characters that inhabit Texas, along with landscapes from the diverse regions of the state.

After graduating from The University of Texas @ San Antonio with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1986, he began a career as an airbrush illustrator.  For the next 18 years, he created illustrations for clients such as Pepsi Cola, Sea World, Blue Bell Creameries, Corona Brewing Company, Time-Warner Cable and Southwest Airlines.   By 1995, computers became advanced enough that Mark began rendering his illustrations digitally.

In 1999, Mark, his wife, and four daughters moved to Marble Falls, Texas where he began to make the transition from illustration to fine art. He began painting in oil on canvas in a style that was realistic, but based on small impressionistic strokes of color.  At a distance, the viewer’s eyes optically blend the short swirling stokes of paint to form the viewable images.  His paintings are created entirely with a painting knife.