Tracy Williams

Artist Statement:

“I like to generate positive, happy thoughts with my art and inspire people to reflect on where they’re going and where they’ve been. Discovering new cohesive, yet unexpected contrasting palettes is my favorite part of the process.”

Artist Bio:

Tracy grew up surrounded by family with a deeply rooted appreciation for the

visual arts. She fondly remembers her great aunt, an oil painter who produced both Texas landscapes and abstract works. She recalls her in-home studio in great detail, that it always smelled of paint, and remembers her pieces in different states of completion throughout the house. Like her great aunt, Tracy’s grandmother also loved art. Tracy enjoyed visiting her grandmother in California every summer and looked forward to the frequent visits of the Getty, Norton Simon and the Huntington. She has always been drawn to the painters and pieces of the Abstract Expressionist era, including Rothko, Mitchell, deKooning, and Diebenkorn. From a young age, she has always enjoyed inspiration from Henri Matisse.

Tracy inherited paintbrushes from her aunt in the late 90’s while she was living in California. While Tracy has always had a profound love for fashion, design, and color, these were the first paintbrushes she picked up. She found feelings of euphoria and liberation with her first brush strokes – the way she remembers feeling when she taught herself to ride a bike. Shortly after, she moved to San Antonio and had her first of three daughters with her husband, Jack. Her first Mother’s Day gift was an easel from Jack in May of 2006. 

Tracy had been working in interior design, but began to paint more and more over the next several years. One of her first pieces was a piece commissioned by one of her clients. She then went on to show her work in multiple settings. 

Now, Tracy has been exhibiting works for over 7 years in both Santa Fe and local spaces.